Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Be my Eurekster (but only if you are into the same stuff I am.)

Now, having a lot of friends will actually have utility in this social network (eurekster). Instead of just an ego boost, like friendster, having a lot of connections will actually make me aware of the more popular searches going on. Having a pulse on my social network's search terms and web choices can be quite powerful. Imagine: journalists discovering breaking news, researches knowing what their peers are searching for and reading, promoters knowing what their social networks favorite bands are, advertisers knowing whether their customers are interested in their new products.

To actually get this type of goodness from eurekster, i'll have to limit my social network to the people that are interested in the same topics as I am.

Eventually, eurekster should launch tribes that i can join. The reason being is that I am a member of many different networks that are into very different things. Therefore, the larger and more disparate the interests of my network, the more noise I will see.

Via Mayfield on many to many, I found this entry by Stowe Boyd that talks about this.

My problem is that my network is heterogeneous: really a collection of independent networks. As more and more of my networks are brought into Eurekster, the group will more and more approximate a random sample of people, and this will cancel out the social network effect. The answer is that I really need to be able to partition the network into discrete subnetworks: what are my social software buddies looking at today? What about my personal friends? What about people in the 20194 area? Until social networks attack this angle, we will be dealing with a very coarse-grained approximation for what is actually going on in social interactions.

So, to sum up, what I am looking for in my eureksters (ie people in my eurekster network) is the following. I intend to only have people in my eurekster social network that are interested in social software, search engines, online marketing and event promotion. I will also limit my searches on eurekster to these topics. This way, my social network will help me determine the most important stuff going on in my chosen space(s) of interest.

Hopefully, Eurekster will address this perceived shortcoming at some point.

Check out Eurekster. It is a new search engine. It is like friendster meets google. It keeps track of you and your friends searches and also what sites you choose, so you can see not only what your friends are searching, but also what they clicked on.... which allows them to better refine search suggestions for you based on the collective knowledge of your social network.

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