Thursday, January 22, 2004

Eurekster as a search alternative via The Hindu.

Here is the full article. Here is an excerpt about Eurekster:

Many irrelevant links creep into a search output because the search service simply scans its database for the occurrence of the string and presents the links of all the pages that contain the search string. It has no mechanism to filter out the results so that the output is tuned to the requirements of the person who initiates the search. For example, if through some mechanism a search engine knows that the searcher is a physicist it can use this information to filter the search output before presenting it to her. One technique to understand a searcher's background is to know the interests of her friends or her friends' network.

Another possible optimisation strategy that can be incorporated into a search tool is to provide the user with some feedback mechanism, which enables the search service to learn more about his interests. Next time when the searcher invokes the service it can produce more relevant results using the intelligence gained from the feedback.

The new search service Eurekster (http://www.eurekster.com/) attempts to use the strategies discussed above to filter out the search output for giving the user a more personalised output. The search engine learns about you from your inputs/your friends' behaviour on the web, alters the search output based on this information and presents an optimised, personlised output. Eurekster, which is certainly a search engine to be watched closely, also provides a toolbar that can be attached to your browser — unfortunately, currently the toolbar is available only for IE.

Are they describing how Eurekster works correctly? Does it actually use my previous searches to then narrow my current searches? Or does it use what I click to suggest the best matches for possible terms for everyone? Or is it simply telling me what my friends search for and what they click?

How many searches have been done for Eurekster?
Overture's search term suggestion tool shows that 32 searches were completed on the overture network in December 2003 for Eurekster. Can someone do the search on wordtracker?
Search Engine Watch Takes Notice of Eurekster. Labels it as first step in Personalized Search. A very thorough briefing on Eurekster.

yes. the "..ster" is getting annoying as Ben Hammersly points out.

Taken from a discussion board, here's a list of "...sters"

Napster (the original)

And he forget feedster.

Edit 1/23/04
here is a non-exhaustive, but more exhaustive than this , list.

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