Friday, January 23, 2004

I realized the next to certain search results on eurekster since I visited that site from my previous search of the same term. It was also the new top ranked result. When I clicked on it previously, it was 4th, I believe.

To be specific, I searched for Chris Gauthier after I read his article on Eurekster. I clicked on his ryze profile. This is now the top ranked search result on Eurekster (for me) for Chris Gauthier.

SideNote: As a testament to social software, I found Chris Gauthier on ryze and made contact. He clicked my ryze profile and recognized my high school best friend in my ryze pic, who was a friend of his from college. Very small world.

Grant Ryan

Here's some info on the CEO of Eurekster and Managing Director of RealContacts Ltd, Grant Ryan, and another on how his former company, GlobalBrain, was purchased by NBCi, before it went defunct.
News about Eurekster via Feedster

I just realized that I was using Feedster to much success to find out what people think of Eurekster and I had the thought: Wouldn't it be nice if Eurekster used feedster's results/index?

Do your own search on feedster for Eurekster. There are 151 results last time I did the search. Feedster Search: eurekster
Interesting post on grafyte blog regarding how my friends don't usually search for the same things that I am interested in.

Grafyte Blog and Portfolio: "The boolean here seems a bit forced in that the searches that I make and my friends make will probably be disjunctive or a small intersection at best unless I force a union of the two. I'm not sure what my friends searches and the knowledge of them will bring me except for satisfying a momentary curiosity. It would be useful perhaps if we were working on the same goal whatever that might be. I can see where it will be useful in a corporate context and that perhaps will be where its success will be. "

Eurekster set to explode.
Check out the traffic spike via alexa.com rankings. The reach rank for today via alexa is 540, which means that 540 out of 1 million surfers with the alexa toolbar have visited the site. It is ranked as the top 1,918 most visited site on the net. Eurekster should show up on the movers and shakers list on alexa soon.

The official Press Release: Eurekster Launches First Internet Search Engine Powered by Social Networks

Worth the read: Eurekster Launches First Internet Search Engine Powered by Social Networks

It defines the major features:

-- Personalized Search Results Based on Eurekster Usage by a User's
Unique Social Network

-- Search Memoryâ„¢ That Remembers What a User Found Useful and Retains
It For Future Searches and Sharing With The User's Social Network

-- Listings of Recent Searches Performed by a User's Social Network

-- Links to Recent Destinations Visited by a User's Friends and Contacts

-- Listings of the Most Popular "Hot" Searches Performed by a User's
Social Network

-- Listings of the "Hottest" Destinations Visited by a User's Network of
Friends and Contacts

-- Listings of Recent and Popular Searches and Sites Generated By All
Other Eurekster Users

Emarketer doesn't get it: No Eurekster Moment for eMarketer

Start-up launches social search engine | CNET News.com: "'The concept sounds good,' said David Hallerman, a senior analyst with eMarketer. 'But how do you make the social networks put forth the energy? With Friendster you are making personal connections. With a search engine you want the best information now. Google was only successful because it offered better results than anything else out there.'"

I shouldn't be wasting more electrons re-quoting this guy, but he seems to have not even seen Eurekster. There is no effort other than typing the url: eurekster.com. Everything else is done for you. And your social network helps you get better results.

Hey David, If you have a response about the site after you've used it a bit, we will print it.

Hey Marguerite, next time quote someone that has a bit of expertise with the said topic. Otherwise, good article.

The article also paraphrases Ryan concerning some of the inner workings of Eurekster that I haven't seen anywhere else:

In addition to the search, Eurekster lists the most popular Web destinations and searches among community members. People also can contact one another anonymously through e-mail to find out more about a particular topic.

Even if nobody else joins a particular community, Eurekster still has advantages over other search engines, Ryan said. Unlike other search engines, Eurekster remembers the last 20 or 30 searches and records the sites that have been the most helpful.

Partnership with social networking sites is CEO's plan to build to business.

Article via Internet News: Eurekster, We Have Found It:

"Our service can enhance their offerings. We see partnership as one of the major ways of building our business," Ryan said.

Not sure who he is referring to by "their". The journalist mentions google, yahoo and aol as potential partners. Not sure if it makes sense that google would be a partner, since eurekster uses mostly yahoo tech to power the paid and unpaid results and since google has recently purchased some small search personalization companies. Since google currently powers AOL search, I'd imagine that is a bit far-fetched too.

The article goes on to quote Ryan again.

"With regard to her second point, Ryan said the company is actively looking to partner with established online social networks. Though he declined to say which networks, examples of well-established social sites include Yahoo! Personals, which has more than 18 percent of market share for dating sites, and Match.com, with a more than 12 percent market share. "

So, I imagine that initial quote meant partnering with social networks to power their web searches. This seems like a smart move, since social network and dating sites generate a lot of repeat visitors. Integrating search, especially search that leverages social networks on these site is a natural fit. Smart!
Eurekster by Chris Gaither

Chris Gaither (ryze) covers Eurekster via TechNewsWorld or boston globe. He quotes Stowe Boyd regarding the need to add topics.

He also paraphrases the CEO of Eurekster, Grant Ryan and Steven E. Marder, the Chairman:
But the social networking services have struggled to find a way to get visitors to pay for what they offer. Eurekster is one way to do that, said chief executive Grant Ryan. He said the company is talking with social networking providers about using the Eurekster technology and sharing the revenue from paid-search results.

"We think we're fortunate to be playing in two hot spaces," said Steven E. Marder, Eurekster's chairman.

They are definitely fortunate. From the looks of the results, they are using alltheweb's algorithmic search technology and Overture's paid placement. If google's and overture's financial success via pay-per-click search technology is any indication of the potential, any search engine that generates traffic should be viable.

And since they are leveraging Yahoo's portfolio of search technology (alltheweb, overture), they are in a very good place to generate revenue without the costs of running or promoting a ppc service and without the R&D and infrastructure investments required to be an algorithmic search player.

On top of that, if Eurekster can benefit from the free "built-in" viral promotion that social software sites like friendster have benefited from, they should be in an excellent position to grow their user base quickly.

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