Monday, January 26, 2004

My Eurekster Network just isn't growing fast enough.

Unlike Friendster et al, on Eurekster, I can't see who my friends are linked to. And, therefore, I have no way of getting in touch with these people in order to grow my network. I currently have 5 confirmed eureksters and 12 people that haven't responded.

As, I've mentioned before, I am only interested in building my network around people that are interested in similar topics (eg web development, blogging, search engines, social software, event promotion, email marketing, online marketing and experiential marketing).

Of the 5 people in my network, very few are active eurekster searchers. Therefore, I've started to hit a wall. So, I sent this email through the eurekster contact form to see if they'd like to join my network.

To Whom it may concern:

I think Eurekster is great. So much so, that I've started a blog on it and have been tracking what people say and logging my experiences with it. http://eureksterblog.blogspot.com.

I've been happy so far with the usability, but my friend network is growing too slowly.

Instead of inviting personal friends, I have been inviting people that have blogged about eurekster and people that I know that are into the topics that I am interested in. In general, I am trying to build a eurekster network of people that are into the following: web development, blogging, search engines, social software, event promotion, email marketing, online marketing and experiential marketing.

I figure there are some people behind eurekster that are probably into some of these things too. So, I'd like to be invited to join your network. Please send me invites.


I'll report back.

Orkut gets more press than Eurekster

Here's the waypath buzzmeter for Eurekster and orkut (a new social networking site very similar to friendster from a google engineer). And here is the alexa ranking.

Orkut has 491 mentions for the 45 days preceding today. Eurekster has 191. Orkut had no mentions before the 23rd, whereas Eurekster had some.

Most of the mentions I have read about Orkut were that it is a clone of friendster with a few very minor variations. Eurekster is something that is quite new or is atleast unique on the web today. Although, the concept of tracking clicks has been around (eg alexa.com), there is noone else that is using it for refinement of search results as Eurekster is. (According to the paid version of SEW, it has been tried and has failed, but I haven't read it.)

So, why so much press about Orkut instead of Eurekster?

Herd Mentality, A few influential people and the coolness associated with being "affiliated with Google".

On a tangent: There must be some alexa toolbar users at google. If orkut wasn't released until the 23rd, then how does that explain small spikes in mid-december and early January on the alexa graph. Talk about some superior competitive intelligence Amazon/Alexa has on google. Can anyone confirm or refute this?

Where will Eurekster pop-up?

Eurekster says its strategy is to partner with existing sites to power or enhance their search. Danny Sullivan predicts where it'll pop-up based on its sister company's existing customers. Keep an eye for partnerships with other seearch sites and social software sites as well.

Eurekster Launches Personalized Social Search: "The company says some search companies have expressed interest, though it wouldn't name any. Eurekster's sister company SLI has a relationship with some smaller search companies, such as Comet Systems, Excite Networks and CNET's Search.com to provide related searches technology. So, perhaps we'll see some movement with these partners first."

Categorization is Coming!

After e-reading Danny Sullivan's article on Eurekster, I realized that they quoted Ryan as saying that categorization is coming.

Eurekster Launches Personalized Social Search: "Some type of categorization will almost certainly be necessary. I can imagine dividing my network into subgroups, for example. All my colleagues who cover search would be in one group, my fellow youth group volunteers in another, my friends who live in California in their own and my friends who live in the UK in a fourth. Depending on the search I do, I might want to share and refine my search in some way with a particular group, to benefit from a particular commonality.
Such functionality is coming over the next few months, Eurekster says, as well as the ability to group contacts by interests, such as sports or business. In that way, you can also get a sense of what's hot by those who are into particular subjects.
'You can see what the search results are like with different hats on and do that different categorization,' Ryan said."

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