Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Response from Eurekster

In response to the message I sent to Eurekster, I received a very thoughtful personal response.

Hey Peter, great to hear from you, and great work on the eureksterblog, it's excellent to have a loyal fanbase so soon!

As you can imagine we are overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to our launch and are fighting our way through all the feedback and comments we have received while trying not to lose focus on the most important thing, improving eurekster. Expect some new features very soon though, we are very much just getting started with all this.

I am one of the lead developers at eurekster, and we are keen to get involved in discussions about eurekster when and where we can. Since your blog is already something of a hub for this discussion we will do our best to fire you comments on things now and then, especially where we think that some clarification is needed.

I will try and provide some comments on some specific stuff that you already have on the Blog a bit later on but for now I would be happy for y ou to join my eurekster network, which in turn includes all the other people close to the company.

[removed invitation link and person's name]

Eurekster Team

sanders-consultation-group-plus ponders wether eurekster is a ploy to gather demographic data.

They are saying that the Eurekster toolbar is like spyware, similar to Alexa's toolbar, which many of the spyware detection and removal tools consider spyware.

Link to Article. : "Many people have been against spyware on their computers, and joining Eurekster so they can track your search habits reeks of spyware tactics. Login requires a valid email, and they offer you the opportunity to invite your friends. Could this new engine be another ploy to gain marketing and demographic information to promote highly targeted advertisement? Time will tell."

I am not sure what Eurekster is doing that other major search engines can't do or don't do. Don't google and yahoo record search terms of individual users? Does yahoo use it to personalize advertising?

Update 1/28/04
I mis-stated that sanders was referring to the Eurekster toolbar being similar to the alexa toolbar. I made the connection between the toolbars myself and falsely assumed that they had registered and downloaded the toolbar and that they were making the connection to spyware because of alexa.

I received an email from Dan Keldsen today of the Delphi Group in Boston to join my network. My Eurekster network is slowly growing with the right people. As I mentioned in this post, people that are interested in: social software, search engines, online marketing, email marketing, event promotion and experiential marketing.

Based on a question that Dan asked, I want to clarify what I mean by social software: Anything that involves communication between people. I know that's not how most define it, but eventually there won't even be a discrete term for it. It'll just be something that is designed into the system.

Edit 1/29/04: corrected spelling of Dan Keldsen's last name.

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