Wednesday, January 28, 2004

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This guy predicts that Eurekster will be the next dot bomb. Although, I disagree with this as well as his assessment on how Eurekster handles privacy, he does have one interesting thought...

Eurekster has identified a very real problem today. Search engines are generic and we do need better ways of narrowing results based on what a friend of mine likes to call planes of analysis. We need portals that allow musicians to view the Internet/Web through a musician's lens, and Intellectual Property lawyers through theirs' because we consider the same issues (e.g. the RIAA's "role") on entirely different planes of analysis. But this is not that. We're not telling Eurekster about our plane(s) of analysis (in general or in the context of individual searches) which actually would be very useful (and an interesting exercise in categorization, but don't get me started...).

Lets see how eurekster implements categorization. Maybe they could take a step in this direction.
Eurekster discussion at WebProWorld: Discuss Eurekster at webproworld.
WebProWorld :: Getting In Eurekster

Eurekster makes Rita Vine's list of new search engines.

She ponders wether a bunch of new sites will be able to follow google's success as google expands beyond search and goes public.

Check out this site if you are interested in web searching. This is a great site.
A response to a response to a response.

A very thorough response to my earlier post from a post on sanders consulting group's comment on Eurekster.

I apologize for mis-stating that they were referring to the Eurekster toolbar being similar to the alexa toolbar. I made the connection between the toolbars myself and falsely assumed that they had registered and downloaded the toolbar and that they were making the connection to spyware because of alexa. When in fact, they hadn't registered and were not aware of the Eurekster toolbar. I have updated my earlier post to say that this was an incorrect assumption. I apologize.

In response to them further, though... Of course, how Eurekster decides to use the information it collects for marketing to me and other users is critical to my continued use and the continued viability of the company and the concept. This is an excellent point. Thanks for pointing it out.

And, I feel no need to defend Eurekster. However, from the looks of their post, they haven't even registered yet and they are already associating Eurekster with poor marketing practices such as unwanted email advertisements and selling users data.

Currently, Eurekster seems to be simply using targeted text ads, which is no different than what google and all the other search engines do. Of course, there is a possibility that Eurekster could change their practices and piss off (some of) their users in order to make a few more bucks, but I would think it'd be the wrong direction to take. Targeted text ads seem to be a very profitable business model as proven by overture and google.

I write from a developer's perspective that has launched several new applications. In my experience, there are more critics that speak before researching, than people that are willing to try something new out and give it an honest shake. I am not accusing sanders of this (yes, I am), but it may be my bias that caused me to respond in this way. I apologize again if this is the case.

Also, in their update, it mentions that I removed the post. This was because the formatting of the link to their site was somehow corrupted by blogger and was throwing off the navigation of the entire blog. It is back now and you can read it here.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to download the sanders version of the alexa toolbar, so that alexa can track your movements across the web and pitch you products at Amazon, as well as sell your data in aggregate, and provide a commission to sanders when you buy something at amazon, here is the link. This was found via a banner at Sanders.

Btw, I think that the alexa toolbar is great. It is the first one I ever downloaded and I still use it today. I am more than willing to allow my movements to be tracked, so that I can be aware of cool new sites and which sites are most popular. Lets just be consistent here, please. And lets check things out before we write about them or associate them with the evil empire(s) or underground spyware rogues.

Eurekster debuted on the Alexa movers and shakers list yesterday and is still there today at number 6. It shares the list with mikerowesoft.com, orkut.com, John Kerry, nba.com and a few others. It has the second largest increase from last week behind orkut.

So, the numbers in the top right hand corner of eurekster after you've registered and logged in are: (I'm guessing)

In my case, I have 8, 104 and 1022, respectively. My direct network includes 1 software trainer, 1 software developer, 1 research expert, 2 high tech consultants, 2 SEO/SEM types and 1 Eurekster employee that is one of the lead techs.

So far, I have found some interesting sites that I would have never discovered before eurekster by browsing my network's visited searches and sites. And some are even interesting based on my stated interests. There is a lot of noise, though. Of course, the people in my network do other things and therefore, do other searches.

Also, I am unclear what part of my network determines my friend's recent and top searches and sites. I have asked the tech guy at Eurekster to clarify . Is it my direct network or my 1 and/or 2 degree extended network?

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