Monday, February 02, 2004

A brief description of the Eurekster Blog

I just posted a message to Jason Calacanis and Judith Meskill at the social software weblog pointing them to this blog. It was the first time I've explained in detail what I am covering over here. So, I thought I'd add it to the blog.

...I have been keeping a blog, solely about eurekster. I am pretty convinced that this is a major development in social software and search, and have faithfully written to it every day with a lot of links to other people using eurekster, some info passed on to me from the eurekster team, and some random thoughts. I've covered a bit about how it works in detail, some upcoming features, suggestions for the future, comments about privacy and some pluses and minuses about the current system. Anyways, thought I'd share...

I definitely recommend their group blog on social software.
Sharing Eurekster Networks II

I noticed that the intention of my email to my contacts might have not been clear. So, I just sent another message to a few of them. Here it is.

I've created a post on the eurekster blog with a bit more background on the email I just sent you. Link

If I can get one or two people, like yourself, that are interested in growing their eurekster network, I'll send out a message to my ten contacts with a brief bio and the person's email.

Then, hopefully, someone will return the favor for me, so that my network will grow too.

What I am trying to do is grow my network by helping other people to do the same. I hope the assumption that other people want to grow their networks is accurate.

One thing that Eurekster should improve is the ability to browse networks. It is apparent that Eurekster is very focused on privacy. (There are a lot of safeguards in place that I've already blogged about to protect the privacy of searches). And rightly so, since they are taking something that was previously private and making it pseudo-public.

So, I understand why they would be hesitant to have transparent visualization of social networks as a feature. However, I think this is also one of the things that could prevent viral growth of eurekster. After inviting my existing contacts and making contact with people that share the same interest in experimenting with Eurekster, I have no simple way to expand my network. However, if I could browse my contact's contacts, I could discover new people that might be interested in joining my network.

Sharing Eurekster Networks

I sent this note to three of my eureksters (eurekster network members) in an effort to try to expand my eurekster network.

I've been using Eurekster for a week now and am starting to see some interesting trends in my friend's searches and sites. I'd like to see what happens when my 1st degree network is larger. But am running out of people that are blogging about eurekster and existing contacts that are willing to sign up for "new things".

I noticed you have x# contacts on eurekster. Are you interested in swapping some contacts? I'll send your email address to several of my contacts, if you'll do the same. I plan to ask a few of my contacts to do this.

The interesting thing that I am seeing is my ability to drive traffic to sites that I visit, simply by searching for them and visiting them. I have 10 eureksters. (Probably only 5 are active.) My contact at eurekster has informed me/us that my friend's recent and popular searches and sites are the searches and sites of my 1st degree network (10 people). Since 2 of the top (popular) 4 searches and sites are searches and sites that I initiated, I believe I can safely assume that others are repeating my searches and visiting the sites I've visited.

This is powerful. Leveraging Eurekster, I can spread memes (eg influence people to check out new sites).

The transitive, of course, is that I can be influenced to check out new sites too. And I have. Even though there is a lot of searches I'd never repeat, like motorhome conversion, I have also found some interesting sites, like the extreme segway, linkswarm.com and cherish.com.

So, if this is all possible, I want to have a larger network to:

- See if I can spread a meme to a larger group, or if it'll be ignored.
(see if the theory holds up)
- Find out about new memes quicker.
- If Eurekster does enable simpler meme-spreading,
I want to have the largest network possible, so that I can initiate or propel memes.

Anyways, I am willing to swap members with anyone. If you have a network on Eurekster, please send this message to your eurekster network members. Here's a message to send to your existing eurekster members asking them to join my eurekster network.

I think you'll be interested in joining this person's eurekster network. He is trying to expand his eurekster network in order to experiment and determine the value of eurekster's social filtering and ranking of search results. He's started a blog about it at

His interests are: web development, social software, search engines, online marketing, email marketing, event promotion and experiential marketing. He attempts to keep his searches on eurekster around these topics. He is actively growing his network by adding people that are interested in these areas as well. So, if you are interested in these topics and want to know the latest sites/news, I recommend sending him an invitation via eurekster to join your network. His email is pc4media at hotmail dot com.

Thanks Everyone! if you'd like me to do the same for you, drop me a line with a bit about yourself and I'll send a message to my network members, introducing you.

Eurekster will have a tabbed interface...

From stuff.co.nz Link

Soon Eurekster will add tabs to the search engine so that – once logged in – customers can flick from a regular search engine view to the socially-filtered one, or to views that take account of the search actions of particular groups of friends or colleagues.

Could Eurekster Indicate Google's Intentions for Orkut?

Andy Beal of searchenginelowdown conjectures that orkut could be an outlet for testing a new algorithm similar to Eurekster, which incorporates my friend's searches.

He also reports that Eurekster filters out searches for pornography.


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