Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Seth Godin on Eurekster

I shot a quick message to Seth Godin to let him know about eurekster. He's not sure it'll be the next google, but he's sure there is "a next google". I guess the point is that there is still innovation left in search. Link
Mike Perkowitz Discovered Eurekster.

He has some good thoughts on whether the eurekster concept; friend's screening search results, will work.

Can this work? It seems relatively rare that I'll be searching for something my friends have been searching for (except in the case of memes-of-the-moment). On the other hand, being friends perhaps we are more likely to search for the same things. And if eurekster got sufficiently large (e.g., I have something like 1.4M people in my friendster network), it could start to work. On the other hand, do I really trust the opinions of 1.4M people who are 4 hops from me more than, say, google's pagerank? not sure.

Not sure if it is gonna work either. I had the same thought that this is a good tool for catching memes of the moment. The jury is still out on whether it'll help me find the most relevant sites.

To clarify: based on my source at Eurekster, they are still testing what degree of friend to use for re-ranking search results and for displaying recent searches and sites visited. So, your results will not directly be affected by 1.4M people. Your friends will be the last screen. If you want to test it out, sign up for my network. I've sent you an invite.

Try this one out...

Using the search box or the toolbar on Eurekster, you can write messages that your friends will see... (in your friends recent searches)

I did the following 3 queries in a row.

1. search for eureksterblog on google. it isnt' indexed by alltheweb
2. funny. i can write messages to my friends.
3. this could get quite annoying

Hopefully, that doesn't catch on. Although, it could be fun. Like passing notes in junior high. Its more like a rumor, though, because the chances of it getting passed along in the correct order is probably slim.

A Eurekster-Google Bomb

Well, the Eurekster bomb hasn't quite materialized yet. However, we may have invented a Eurekster-google bomb, which could be even more interesting. Google driving traffic to Eurekster.

In a few back and forth posts (1, 2) between Steve Johnston, we blogged about the possibility of a Eurekster-Bomb. Well, he talked about using Eurekster to do it a specific search and I posted about the possibility of it being the first Eurekster-Bomb. That didn't quite happen.

However, this morning Steve posted how the Eurekster search page resulted in a higher ranking on google's results page for the search term we blogged about. Here's his post. This is probably a result of Steve linking directly to the eurekster results in his former post with the name of the link ferrari enzo prints. And since I linked to that post via this blog, with Eurekster mentioned in every sentence, the google algorithm ranked eurekster's results page higher than the immedia art store. Here's the link to immedia art for ferrari enzo prints, featured second, as of now, in google's results page for ferrari enzo prints. It shows how much more google relies on links over metadata to rank sites. Not sure it says much about eurekster. If anyone else wants to try it out again, I'm game, but it doesn't seem worth it to me, since it will probably only work for search terms that are not very common and it is quite a bit of work.

Very astute, though, Steve. Interesting stuff.

Brief review by Jay Niemann

Now On to an engine that looks even more promising:Eurekster You can sign up for a personalized search engine that you then send to your freinds who are looking for the same stuff. There is also a handy look at the searches of other people who were/are searching for your topic. In addition, it prompts you with related topics that may or may not be useful. Having used it, I can say it has a higher per topic relevance quota than Google or any of the others. I attribute this to the fact that it's in the beta stage. Get it while it's still good. Link:

Not sure how he has determine "a higher per topic relevance quota than Google" or what that means, but he is the first one in weblogland that has pointed out that Eurekster delivers related topics. Astute. Anyone find these useful?

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