Saturday, February 07, 2004

Testing the Porn Blocker
If you haven't read all of my long-winded posts, you wouldn't know that Eurekster doesn't propogate porn-related searches to your friend in order to help eliminate awkward situations: basically to keep it a secret that you look at pornography on the internet.

Firstly, I think this is kind of silly. If you don't want your network to know that you look at pornography, don't use eurekster. Secondly, from experience in trying to filter pornographic words on a site, it is basically futile. Here is my quick test(s):

I figured I'd test it out, so I typed vagina, vagina monologues and vagin. The first two were filtered. The second was not filtered. Bad news for bad spellers.

I also searched for Veronika Zemanova. She showed up in my recent searches. Therefore, everyone I know now knows I like to look at naked pictures of Veronika Zemanova. And I am pretty certain that anyone searching for Veronika Zemanova is looking for naked pictures of Veronika Zemanova. So, strike 2 for the porn filter.

Lesson(s) Learned: If you are searching for porn and you aren't a strong speller or typist or if you type anything other than words that your grandmother would type to search for porn, don't use eurekster if you want to hide it from your eurekster network.

My Eurekster Network Numbers

Network: 1st: 18 | 2nd:120 | 3rd: 1051

I have one member with 89 members. A handful with 2-5 members and the rest have 1 member (me).

Somedays I feel like a 12 oz porterhouse and sometimes I just want a McDonalds Burger.

Strange title, but I wanted something catchy to tell eurekster how I'd like my search results delivered, depending on what I want to consume that day.

In some interview, someone from Eurekster said that they'd be developing a tabbed interface to show search results that are filtered differently. Here's what I want (in no particular order).

Voice your opinion....

My selfish reason for starting eureksterblog.

I started to write this in response to Gary; my justification to Gary why I started the eureksterblog. But, figured it deserved its own post.

Another reason why I am blogging about Eurekster:

Eurekster could enable maximum influence over people that browse the internet in order to find the latest and greatest, the funniest and cutest, etc. And based on the popularity of the lycos top 50 and google zeitgeist, I believe there are a lot of those people. And based on the assumption that these people not only like to find the newest things, but also like to talk/blog about them, I believe these are the people that set the trends for the rest of the people.

One of the reasons I want to grow my eurekster network is to be able to exert influence in this process. Having a blog enables this. Unfortunately, I don't have a blog that has the draw of boingboing, gawker or instapundit. I am late to the blog game. However, eurekster could be as much of an influence on the discovery of new products, trends, services and websites as those have.

The discovery of the newest fad or trend is a big business and, I believe, is going to be even bigger as trend discovery sites (blogdex, daypop, eurekster) continue to innovate and as technologies like IBM WebFountain mature. Currently, it is a random process that people do not control and cannott predict, resulting from the actions of many people with varying degrees of influence. Eurekster is just another tool in the toolbox for being part of that process. The bigger my Eurekster network (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc), the more I can influence the discovery of a new something or other.

So there you have it. [Some of] my reasons for writing about eurekster are selfish.
Gary's [from TeledyN] sentiments about Eurekster is the majority's sentiment.
I recently invited Gary from the Teledyn Blog to join my Eurekster network. He graciously accepted and also blogged about the Eureskterblog:

I have to admit, I haven't yet had my eureka moment over social-networking search-result site Eurekster --- why would what my friends search for be relevent to my own searching? why would my definition of Free yesterday (the famous rock band) be relevent to my search today (software licensing)? Not to mention the basic stuff, like _how can you use a search tool that is given "The Bubblies" but goes off looking for 'The' --- ok, maybe I don't get it, but Peter Caputa does, enough to start Eureksterblog...

...As much as I find his blog well written, thoughtful and peppered with intriguing network leverage notions such as Decayed Influence and Social Networks I'm really no closer to understanding why I should drag my friends into this thing ... but at least now I know of others who do, and that is of itself worth some attention.

I definitely appreciate the complements. I always thought I wrote well, but haven't been told that since 12th grade. So, I appreciate that. Honest. And if you enjoy the decayed influence stuff, wait til I start talking about Social Network Analysis: A conversation that is long overdue as part of the broader "social software/social networking" blogversation.

To respond directly to Gary (and support my overt optimism), your search from yesterday about "Free Yesterday" will not affect your search today about "software licensing". But, if over a process of 3 months, you have 4 software engineer-friends in your network that each search for "software licensing" and visit the sites that are relavent to each of you, you (collectively) now have a list of atleast 4 sites that are relevant. I am not sure if 4 people are the magic number or if 12 people are or 50, but I hope this atleast shows the possibility. And based on the work that SLI has done on NBCi's search engine (probably not the present meta-engine), here is a bit of proof that it does work:

But I definitely think Gary reflects a sentiment that I've been hearing from most of the people in my eurekster network. I've already written alot about what excites my about Eurekster. And I've already stated that I think the best is yet to come. (Hopefully, I am correct on this one, because I've invested a lot of time here.)

Thanks for the comments Gary. If you haven't read Gary's Blog, TeledyN, check it out.

Review the Eureksterblog at BlogStreet

If you haven't checked out Blogstreet, it is worth a gander. It has a whole boatload of features similar to feedster and waypath, both aggregating blogs, allowing independent reviews, searching and displaying similar blogs, etc. Review it.

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