Thursday, February 12, 2004

Brad Fallon blogs Eurekster and the Eureksterblog.

One of my Eureksters, Brad Fallon, and Internet Marketing guru has blogged about Eurekster and the EureksterBlog.

He has some positive predictions to make about Eurekster. (I am not the only one). He gives it a chance of success because:

He also makes the point about me that is quite interesting. I am a proponent of "planned viral marketing" and "blogging for business".

And this is why I am more optimistic and excited than the average blogger about eurekster's potential success.

Can buzz be planned? I think it can. I think it happens every day. I think it is the nirvana marketing vehicle. Blogs are a tool to help make that happen.

Brad is looking to grow his Eurekster network too. Check out his blog for his email.

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