Friday, February 13, 2004

More on meme spreading and Eurekster.

Not sure if I am the only that is excited about this. Eurekster is definitely a tool for spreading memes. Earlier this week I wrote how two searches I initiated spread across the user base at Eurekster. "Seth Godin" and "ferrari enzo prints". However, when I wrote about it, there were no corresponding sites in the "popular sites". Now there is. The ferrari meme mutated a bit. There is a page with a "ferrarri" title in the popular sites. However, it is to a website that I wasn't able to find when searching for ferrari, which leads me to believe that someone else with a large eurekster network has engineered the ferrari link to go to the first result for this search by wading through the results of a search for ferrari and clicking on that site.

The search for "Seth Godin" has actually boosted Seth's home page to one of the top visited sites. I've emailed him, but unfortunately he doesn't really track his referrers.

Steve Johnston will be sending some stats about immediart's referrers and we can get an idea of the amount of traffic eurekster is sending their way by being on the most popular searches.

This detective work would be a lot easier if Eurekster helped us out.

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