Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Garrett French does some Yahoo Search Snooping

Want a sneak peak at the new yahoo search results by altavista.
Here is how. It is pretty exciting stuff.
Feedster and Technorati

Scoble's Prediction: Watch Technorati and Feedster. He uses them more and more for searching. I agree. I do too.

Personalization is Coming. Personalization is Coming.

This article, by Stefanie Olsen at CNET, reports Yahoo's, Google's and MSN's plans to introduce personalization. Not much new for the informed search engine industry insider, but here is a good run down of what the big 3 are planning.

Yahoo spokeswoman Diana Lee said that the company plans to introduce personalized search sometime this year. Such a service would likely track, with his or her permission, a visitor's physical location, personal preferences and search history to deliver more relevant results.

"Personalization is something we're focused on, so we can provide more value to the search experience," Lee said.

Meanwhile, Google may become more portal-like with "my" territory of its own. The company recently updated a domain-name registration of the Web address "MyGoogle.com" with Network Solutions, which was first created in 2000.

Google representatives said that the company registers domain names as a matter of practice but that there is no imminent service linked to MyGoogle.com.

Google's Silverstein said the company is continuously focused on improving search, and by doing that, people will return. "The key is to make sure that the user gets what they're looking for at Google," he said. Outside of that, he would not comment specifically on developments into personalization at Google.

Last year, Google started testing technology to deliver more localized results. It now uses "geotracking" technology to determine the physical location of a Web page, so it can better serve up results to local queries such as "San Francisco eateries."

MSN, too, has bolstered testing of its own search technology, including personalizing news for visitors abroad. MSN recently updated MyMSN with improved features for cataloging news.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates said two weeks ago at a conference in Davos, Switzerland, that Google "kicked our butts" in search but that the software giant is working to remedy that with new search technology for next year.

Through its coming Longhorn operating system, Microsoft plans to integrate Web search into the desktop. MSN also has started testing new formulas for delivering search results and related text ads through its test site.

Customer personalization also is a top priority for the company. Microsoft is testing technology that lets people search from a toolbar on the browser, detects their news preferences, and delivers relevant links automatically. It also updated its MyMSN news pages recently, with features to drag and drop preferred content onto the page.

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