Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Google Testing Related Searches

Google is testing related search terms in blogger ads. They must be testing the effectiveness of serving related searches on blogger, Driving traffic back to the mother ship. I wonder what they plan to do with that next. Related Searches in the likes of Vivisimo and Teoma are a bit overdue at google.
Google morphs into an ad serving company.

From deliver-ers of truth, delivering us from corporate evil.. Google plans to sell out to the advertisers. In an interview by Editor & Publisher found via John Battelle, Brin hints to Yahoo's goal of serving ads beyond the text variety. Battelle warns Doubleclick of the impending competition and/or posits a possible acquisition of the undervalued leader. I predicted this last year in Seth Godin's "What Should Google Do Next" ebook. Search for Peter Caputa in the ebook.
Eureksterblog on blogshares.

I don't know enough about blogshares. I haven't spent enough time on it. However, doing a yahoo search, I discovered that the eureksterblog is listed there. Interesting. I guess its a little different than the real markets: the owner doesn't have to know about it being listed and I don't get any shares. I am honored nonetheless.
Yahoo's new Search Algorithm.

Yahoo officially switched off google and turned on something, based on my early experiments, is better than google in terms of relevancy. Based on rumors/news, they've been using inktomi technology but creating an entirely new crawl/index.

A search for Eurekster gives the Eureksterblog as a fifth result among 47,300 results on yahoo. On google the eureksterblog hovers between 32 and 66. So, my review may be biased. But, I am impressed. It is sufficient enough to get me to start using yahoo a bit more. Now, for eurekster to get noticed, we just need people to search for it at yahoo.

Here are some experts takes on it: Brad Fallon, Steve Johnston, Mitko Gerensky-Greene, Niall Kennedy, John Battelle, ResourceShelf.

A cool graph from Gerensky-Greene:

Niall Kennedy reports that yahoo search identifies xml feeds. Here's a search for Dave Winer. See the first result.

found via John Battelle, here are the key points in yahoo's press release:

As part of the company's next steps in customization and personalization, Yahoo! is introducing a new search service that integrates Yahoo! Search with My Yahoo! by adding links to XML/RSS site syndication content in search results. This service enables users to search for millions of sites that support this format and easily add them to their My Yahoo! personal homepage. Once added to their page, users will see instantly updated headlines and links from these sites, keeping them in touch with all of their important information from the Internet in a single place.

Additionally, Yahoo! Search has combined its own proprietary anti-spam technology with the talents of its team of editorial experts and Yahoo! Mail's leading SpamGuard technology to help filter out irrelevant, redundant or low-quality URLs and links. Taking advantage of the synergies between Yahoo! Search and Yahoo! Mail, these two services will share data to reduce spam and further improve the user experience across Yahoo!.

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