Thursday, February 19, 2004

The eureksterblog gets props from new yahoo search at #5 search result for keyword "eurekster".

I just posted this over at the highrankings.com forum. Using my Eureksterblog search result stature to figure out the new yahoo algorithm.

It seems like yahink is the new term for the new yahoo search. Here are some other possible words. I thought these were more clever inkhoo (ink who? - because nobody knows where the results are coming from), yahtomi (yeah to me- Because everyone seems to be reporting that they rank higher on yahtomi than google).

Anyways, enough weak attempts at comedy.

I was wondering if anyone had any reports on how to optimize for the new yahoo. I am new to this game, so I don't know how inktomi works and I only know how google works from reading up and a few experiments.

However, I have one hypothesis that I'd like to throw out there and see what people think.

For inkhoo: Keyword Density is more important than links. Keyword dense Hubs are a bit more important than link hubs. My only antecdotal proof is that my eureksterblog shows up at #5 for the search "eurekster" on inkhoo and bounces between 22 and 66 on google. The blog has a decent amount of links that go to it from other a/b list bloggers. It is extremely dense with the keyword "eurekster". It links to other a list bloggers and popular posts/news articles that other people link to regarding the subject. The url and header tags include the target keyword.

Eurekster is a social search engine (for the people that don't know) that launched recently with a bit of fanfare propelled mostly by an article by Danny Sullivan. Besides a few links to the actual site, Danny's article is the only one that ranks above me on inkhoo. A quick review of blogs on the subject at feedster will reveal that he was linked to more than the eureskterblog and the prominence of that site is far far superior than my brand new blog. However, the eureksterblog ranks much higher than a lot of other sites wtih more prominence than it. Also, the sites that the eureskterblog links to are also very high in inkhoo's results, even though they aren't all necessarily prominent blogging sites.

So, that's my report. I am not sure if my logic is correct, and I don't know enough about the search algorithms to make a lot of guesses, but I hope I explained my observations well enough that this sparks a conversation about optimizing for inkhoo. I assume this is a very important conversation for SEO's to be having right now.

Discuss at Highranking.com forum.

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