Friday, February 20, 2004

Nevermind. I am gonna keep prognosticating.

Yours truly was highlighted in searchenginewatch's search engine forums spotlight which is sent to a huge mailing list and prominent on searchenginewatch.com. Chris Sherman highlights a post I started at the highrankings.com forum on what's the next step with search engines. The thread is worth a perusal as it sparked a moderately interesting discussion.

Premature Prognositication

So, I suck. I have a lot of work to do before my prognostications are worth reading. I blogged the advent of the Eureksterbomb. But it was more like a Eureksterfirework, and a dud at that.

Steve Johnston emailed me the number of referrers from eurekster to one of the popular searches on the popular search page at eurekster, ferrari enzo prints. He emailed me to let me know that there were two referrers from eurekster: One on the 11th Feb and one on the 13th Feb. Both as a result of the Ferrari Enzo Prints search. And one was me. Thanks Steve.

The concept of Eurekster showing the real time popular searches (real time zeitgeist) is an awesome one. And if it was turned on at yahoo, google or one of the other big engines, it might actually enable a eureksterbomb. And/Or eurekster has to pump up the traffic volume.

Refinding Information via Eurekster

I've noticed that my daily web tracks have been beaten into Eurekster. More clearly, the sites I visit every day, show up on my friends' recent searches and site lists on Eurekster. This is a great benefit. I visit the same pages/blogs everyday. I read a lot of blogs, think about different posts and then blog about them or quote them while blogging later on. The trouble I had pre-eurekster, is that I had to remember where everything was or create a draft post in order save the links. Eurekster helps me get back quickly to a lot of the posts I want to comment on. In other words, it helps me revisit the pages I want to see again. Of course, bookmarks are a better way of doing that, but I usually forget about the bookmarks I make in IE. The ideal situation, would enable me to create directories and bookmarks right on eurekster. Have a checkbox and a drop down (with categories), built into the search results and my favorite sites page. Here is an article about how Web Users Revisit Pages In Steps., which is relevant to this post.

How could Eurekster or any search engine help us better revisit the pages we've already visited or want to visit every day?

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