Thursday, March 04, 2004

Jupiter Analyst Calls AdSense a 'House of Cards' via traffick.com
We've been using Google's adsense program at WhizSpark for awhile now. We've seen some revenue when we get traffic spikes and will continue to use it. This article talks about how search engine text ads perform better than contextual ads based on conversion rates. The article reports that some experts suggest that a separate marketplace should be setup. Overture has already done that. It seems ludicrous to set up a separate marketplace, though. Why not introduce a scaled payout system where an advertiser (adwords member) pays based on the historical conversion rate of the referring site (adsense members)? Google allows advertisers to track conversion rates by placing an extra bit of code on the advertiser's site at checkout. Couldn't google aggregate that data for an individual referring sites to see how well each converts. For a quality and targeted content site like Matt Haughey's PVRBLOG, I imagine conversions are very high. He shouldn't be penalized because other adsense sites don't convert well.

Background on Focus Interactive

An excellent article on Focus Interactive. The point that jumped out at me was how they married online sweepstakes as incentives for users to use a portal and search. There are a lot of people who are attracted to sweepstakes and contests and if people can win chances by doing the things they do anyways, they are more than happy to.
Ask Jeeves Makes Powerplay

Ask Jeeves Makes $343 Million Acquisition of privately held Interactive Search Holdings. This doubles their market share of the search space with excite, my way and iwon, gives them a loyalty type program with iwon and an online marketing agency and network with maxonline. I'd say they are well suited to be a very desirable online marketing outlet.

This article highlights the power of the maxonline network and how the new properties and the maxonline network will mesh well with the ad network that Ask has been trying to build.

Jupiter Research media analyst Nate Elliot said that the acquisition should provide Ask Jeeves with distribution for its growing ad network outside of search. The company has been building an ad network in which it sells banners, pop-ups and pop-unders. "This looks like a big improvement to the distribution of that network," said Elliot.

In total, Ask Jeeves will buy six properties, including Maxworldwide, whose collective traffic made Interactive Search the ninth most visited property online in December, according to researcher Nielsen/NetRatings. The company expects revenue of between $225 million and $235 million in 2004 as a result of the deal.

Ask is no longer a search company with an ad network, but an ad network with search and portal technology.

I wonder the effect this will have on iwon's and myway's relationship with google? Google is the main search provider for these networks as well as a large outlet for their adwords. This looks like some more bad news for google. What do you think?

Its amazing the amount of deals and the volatility of the search engine/online ad space.
The death of AltaVista and AlltheWeb

According to this article, yahoo plans to keep the alltheweb and altavista websites, but they will deliver the same results from the same index as yahoo. What does this mean for eureskter? I imagine they will eventually get the new yahoo results too. My conclusion from using and comparing eurekster(alltheweb index) to google and the new yahoo, is that it is subpar in frequency and relevancy. My conclusion with experimenting with the new yahoo search is that it is equal or better than google. With the new yahoo index, eurekster'll be a very viable search engine. Looking forward to that.

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