Friday, March 12, 2004

holy SHizneT: Eurekster and Real Contacts Share Login/Authentication DB

Eric Jones pointed out that Eureskter and RealContacts share a customer DB. What does everyone think?
Eric thinks: (email published with permission)

I just noticed that when I went to the realcontacts site my eurekster
account works, I also get to see my groups etc in a visual manner and for
those looking for jobs it's there.

I think it's just a nice highlight that is overlooked by everyone, including eurekster.

Following Eric's tip, I checked it out. One Word: Awesome. In addition to the functionality to browse open jobs that my contact's and contact's contacts have posted, i can see my network on Real Contacts too. I can also see it in a sort-of social network graph form that is a lot cooler than your standard list of pics or table of pics that most social network sites have. Like Eurekster, you can't browse past your contacts. You can see the number of contacts that each contact has, though. And whether that 2nd degree contact has a network or not.

The coolest thing, Like Eric says, is that both networks are on there. So, I instantly have a large network of people that I can tap for finding a job or helping people find a job.

Eurekster + RealContacts: 1 Social Network with TWO Purposes. And neither purpose is to BE POPULAR or Give a Company MetaData for the sheer fun of it. Good Stuff. I'm out. It's Friday Night and I need to unplug.

As Always, send me an email if you want to join my Eurekster/RealContacts Network.

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