Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Eurekster is a Networking Tool for Information Hounds

The Eurekster contact network makes it a bit easier to collect friends and build a network. I don't hesitate to send an invite to join my eurekster network. Whereas, if I just wanted to introduce myself to a blogger for the sake of saying hi and/or initiating a relationship or conversation, I may have hesitated before Eurekster. Eurekster gives me an excuse to make contact.

Reading my blogroll on the left of my eureksters, you can see I've built up an impressive roster of people that belong to my eurekster network. Most of these people are very active bloggers and/or well respected journalists that tend to be interested in and write about new technology developments. Reading their blogs I am kept abreast of new tech, marketing and especially search engine information, opinions and research.

I am also starting to see the benefit of search groups. There are 13 members to the social software group that I've started. And John Battelle's "search search" search group, has a lot of interesting searches and links to new search engines, etc.
Microsoft's Robert Scoble on the future of Search and Social Software.

Excellent article found Found via my Eureskter network member, Ian Kennedy. Written by Andy Beal, one of my eureksters too.

Scoble talks about the future WinFS, a new MS system for embedding contact data which makes it accessible to other developers. Also, according to Scoble, feedster and technorati are leading the way for customer feedback on products. He also admits google is better than msn search and about searching the desktop. Worth the read.
Cool Feature on Toolbar.

I downloaded my sixth toolbar, MSN. Way to lead the pack, Microsoft. I believe they launched it a little while ago, but they recently placed it next to the hotmail link on the msn homepage navigation. Probably, an indication from MSN that promoting their search capabilities is as critical as providing free email.

Anyways, the feature that I discovered that I think is cool, is the "search this site" functionality. I can search the site that I am visiting by typing in a keyword and clicking the search this site button on the msn toolbar. (Click the search drop down and choose "Search this Site".)

I was at http://www.whizspark.com. I searched for my name "caputa" and got the following results on msn.
I was at John Batttelle's blog, http://www.battellemedia.com, and searched for msn toolbar and got the following.

I then realized that alexa, google, yahoo and ask jeeves have this on their toolbars too. I'll have to take advantage of this one on these toolbars. It saves me a trip back and forth and lets me search blogs for relevant past posts while I am browsing. Eurekster doesn't have it.

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