Friday, March 19, 2004

Eurekster no longer uses Alltheweb results

Doing a little detective work, I realized that Eurekster no longer uses the alltheweb index as the basis for their results. Wondering what index they are using, I made a few guesses. I checked altavista and yahoo and realized they are significantly different from the eureskter results too. I checked msn and there it was: the same results as eurekster + the ones that were promoted as a result of the traffic. So, yahoo is now feeding eurekster, the inktomi database. Here's my proof: Search for Eurekster Blog on Eurekster. Search for Eurekster Blog on MSN.

They still haven't changed alltheweb and altavista, but rumor has it that it'll be changed. It looks like yahoo plans to have two indexes... One for the yahoo site and one for sites they power. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Why not let others use the yahoo index? Google doesn't dumb their's down for aol does it?
Eurekster needs the Freshest Index

I've said this before. My attraction to Eurekster is that I can discover memes quicker. And that Eurekster could help me determine the most popular stuff on the web and in certain social networks in a more precise and quicker way than currently available. Eurekster should work with feedster and introduce a blog search. They'd then be the blogdex for specific subjects, which would be a killer app.
Re-Rank Websites on Eurekster

I have been playing with Eurekster Search Groups, probably a bit more extensively than their average beta tester. They've introduced a re-ranking tool for search groups. First, anyone can create a search group and invite anyone else to join. The search group is then a community of people interested in the same topic that search and rerank websites based on the searches done and sites visited. Further, the moderator can promote different sites up to the top for a certain search phrase. The moderator is required to add a description and metadata when doing this. Then, when someone filters their search results based on this search group's history for the same search phrase, they see the promoted site at the top. In effect, a moderator could have a huge effect on a site's traffic volume, as an A-list blogger can send a traffic burst to a certain site. Only, this is persistent.

I'd like to start a conversation with people about the consequences of this new stuff. What is the effect of the meta-data that the moderator adds to the site on eurekster? Semantic-Web Anyone? Could SEO link-building campaigns move over for SEOs introducing sites to the appropriate moderators for promotion in different search groups? Will this be the directory to end all directories? Instead of an arbitrary group of paid "experts" bottlenecking reviewing site submissions, Eurekster could be building a volunteer group of peer approved experts. Moderators with large followings because they have the respect of their peers will be sought after for reviewing websites for promotion in search groups in Eurekster. There are a lot of interesting possibilities for Eurekster. The question is will it take off?

Compare Google and Yahoo Search Results at one Site

I've seen this all over. This site shows google and yahoo's search results along two lines and shows where sites that are indexed by both engines show up in terms of their placement on each engine. My Eurekster, Brad Fallon , has a good example and explanation of it using his wife's wedding favor site.

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