Monday, March 22, 2004

New Website For SLI Systems
The "learning technology" behind Eurekster is owned by SLI Systems.
They've sharpened up their website.
Grant Ryan and Network Density on Eurekster

Grant Ryan, the CEO of eureskter/realcontacts, joined my Eurekster Network. Before he joined my network, I had 36 | 147 | 1122 people in my 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree networks, respectively. Afterwards, it was 37 | 343 | 2030. He added 214 people to my 2nd degree network and 908 people to my 3rd degree network. The average person in my network has 4.08 (147/36) people in their 2nd degree networks before Grant was in my network and 9.27 after. Also, dividing the 2nd degree network by the 3rd is another way of determining the same measure of the network. [7.6 (1122/147) and 5.9 (2030/343)]

Obviously, Grant skews the results. The distribution is extremely lopsided. The largest percentage of my contacts have one member. There are a handful of people with <10 and then the next largest network is 90, also a Eurekster employee.

Anyone know how this compares to other YASNS? I wonder if the ability to navigate/contact the 2nd degree network, would increase the average network size and density?

Testing Eurekster Search Box.

There are 22 people that have joined the social software search group. Check it out if you want to know what's the newest buzz about social software is.

Eurekster Search Groups are Live
Check it out: eurekster search. More soon

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