Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Andy Beal interviews Grant Ryan

Both in my Eurekster network, Andy is Vice President of Search Marketing for KeywordRanking.com and ProRanking.com and Grant Ryan is CEO of Eureskter.

It is a quick article. The best questions and statements have to do with privacy and personalization:

Beal: If search engine users gave up a little of their privacy and allowed their search habits to be monitored, would this allow the search engines to provide better, customized results?

Yes - if users want truly customized services then the provider has to know something about their preferences. The level of service you can get from a travel agent or investment advisor would be severely limited if you had to start from scratch every time you needed something. Most search engines assume that everyone typing in a term is looking for the same thing and give them exactly the same results!

Beal: Grant, tell us what Eurekster is doing to personalize the search experience?

At Eurekster we have developed a way to learn from your past search history and that of your contacts in a way to provide personalized and more relevant search results. There are strong incentives for search engines to keep their promises on privacy given there is more value in keeping a long term quality relationship, compared to the negative publicity and loss of customer trust. "

11 Members in the Eurekster Fan Club.
I created a search group on Eurekster called the "Eurekster Fan Club". I can't imagine what I will search on other than for sites that talk about eurekster, but I figured it'd be cool to have a group for it. 11 others, who have stumbled upon it, happen to agree. Join Now!
Red Rover, Red Rover, I call Google Over.

When the new yahoo search algorithm launched, the eurekster blog was one of the top results for the keyword eurekster. At that time, google ranked it above 32, never to be found. Over time, it has drifted way down on yahoo. Now, however, it is the fifth result on google. A quick look at langreiter's, google/yahoo comparison tool, shows that it isn't listed on yahoo's top 100 or so results. What Gives? I've never really analyzed this stuff before. Does this happen all the time?

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