Friday, April 23, 2004

We're Moving Actually, We're Expanding.

I may update this weblog from time to time, but most likely I will be talking about Eureskter on a new personal blog I am starting using typepad. Reading through this blog, you'll see that I didn't entirely focus on eurekster. However, I did keep it focussed to the topics of search, personalization and general web geekery. I've found that this was a bit constraining, as I've gotten more into blogging. So, I've started my personal weblog, pc4media. I've created a category for eurekster on it.

I still think Eurekster is a great site, a great company, and me moving my blog has nothing to do with them. They are the first to introduce a personalized search engine that is worth talking about, and they are still the only one that allows social searching - or searching guided by other like minded people. This decision was about me and my blogging needs and desires.

Sidenote: If you want to know why I switched to typepad from blogspot, read this.

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